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Nissan Lease Specials

If you're in the market for a new Nissan around New Castle, Wilmington, and Newark, Delaware, there are plenty of models that suit different drivers, whether it's the Rogue, Kicks, Frontier, or TITAN. Secure your favorite vehicle and then look into lease specials. Sheridan Nissan will assist you in exploring this option and determining if it's best for you.

Benefits of Leasing

Let us detail the benefits of this distinctive finance arrangement if you're new to the lease concept. When you lease a car, you typically drive it for around two to three years. At the end of the lease term, you can upgrade to an exciting new Nissan model and try it out before anyone else.

A leased vehicle comes with warranty coverage comparable to when you purchase a new car. Warranties can help cover unexpected repair costs that make navigating Delaware Valley roads a carefree experience. Since you're driving a new Nissan, visits to our service center may be limited to routine maintenance.

Think of leasing a vehicle as an extended test drive experience. You'll enjoy the perks of driving a brand-new car equipped with the latest technology, sleek amenities, and fresh upholstery. Plus, you'll have the chance to explore new features and gadgets throughout your lease. When it's time to return the car, you can upgrade to the newest edition of the vehicle.

Starting Up a Lease

The process is straightforward, whether you're interested in leasing or financing. No unusual maneuvers or specific paperwork required to get started. Go to our website and fill out the finance application. Our finance team will have all the necessary information available to locate a lease package perfect for your needs once you submit the application.

When Your Lease is Over

Are you already envisioning the exciting journeys ahead in your new Nissan Rogue? To make these drives a reality, a finance expert will discuss the terms for ending your current lease. Before your lease concludes, let's review the decisions you'll need to make when it's over.

Approximately 90 days before your lease ends, you'll receive a notification about the upcoming expiration. You must schedule an independent inspection during this period so that your car will meet up with the standards we've set for returns.

As the end of the lease approaches, you might eagerly anticipate signing a new lease agreement for the latest Nissan model. Once you've returned your current vehicle, you can start exploring options for your next ride.

There's no need to part ways if you've grown attached to your Nissan and wish to keep it. We can easily arrange a loan agreement to cover the remaining cost of the vehicle, so that the car becomes your very own.

We understand, however, if you'd rather explore different automotive avenues or financing options. Please return the car and we wish you well.

Take Advantage of Nissan Lease Specials

Once you've determined the Nissan vehicle that suits your needs, take a moment to explore our lease specials. You'll get an excellent opportunity to secure financing for your car before embarking on your next New Castle, Wilmington, and Newark, DE, adventures. Stop by Sheridan Nissan, where you can discuss your plans with a finance expert and decide on the best option for you.