How To Boost Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value

Are you planning to trade in your car and purchase or lease a different model around New Castle, Wilmington, or Newark, Delaware? If so, you’ll want to maximize your trade-in value to help you get more for your ride.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you boost your vehicle’s trade-in value. When you’ve finished reading it, contact Sheridan Nissan to begin the trade-in process.

Step One: Find Out How Much Your Vehicle Is Worth

Step One: Find Out How Much Your Vehicle Is Worth Before visiting our dealership, it’s helpful to know the current market value of your car. Our dealership’s online tools can help you determine the approximate value of your vehicle based on its make, model, year, mileage, and condition.

The information you’ll receive through our Value Your Trade tool is based on current market rates. This may change depending on when you do your research, so be sure to check closer to when you’re planning on trading in your vehicle.



Step Two: Take Care of Minor Repairs

While you don’t need to invest in major repairs, fixing minor issues can positively impact your car’s value. Check for any dents, scratches, or chipped paint and have them repaired.

Replace burnt-out bulbs, worn-out wiper blades, and any other inexpensive maintenance items. It’s ultimately up to you if you decide to do this step but it can help make a better first impression.

Step Three: Clean Your Vehicle

Step Three: Clean Your Vehicle Clean your vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out, including vacuuming the interior, washing the exterior, and polishing the surfaces. You can also get it professionally detailed.

During this cleaning, be sure to remove any personal items that you want to keep after trading in your car. Cleaning your vehicle makes it look great and well taken care of. A car that’s cared for is one that’s often worth more!




Step Four: Get Organized

Gather all the relevant documents, including the vehicle title, service records, warranty information, and receipts for any recent repairs or upgrades. Having a well-documented history of your car’s maintenance and repairs can boost its value. You can show that your vehicle has been well cared for and whether it has any unique customizations installed that may be worth more money.

Step Five: Timing Can Help Influence Your Car’s Value!

Step Five: Timing Can Help Influence Your Car's Value!Timing can make a difference in your car’s trade-in value. Research seasonal trends in the automotive market and try to trade in your vehicle during a time when demand is high, if you can. Typically, the end of the year or when new models are released can be advantageous times to trade.

Some other factors that can affect your car’s trade-in value include how many of that model are available on the market, gas prices, and even the weather.



Begin the Trade-In Process Today

If you’re ready to begin the trade-in process, find out how much your vehicle is worth by using the online tools at Sheridan Nissan. Drivers around New Castle, Wilmington, and Newark, DE, can also contact us or bring in their car for an in-person appraisal.

Our team is also happy to help you get behind the wheel of your next ride too!

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