What’s Leaking From My Nissan?

September 1st, 2019 by

No one wants to see anything leaking from their Nissan vehicle, but unfortunately, we can’t all be so lucky. With regular care and maintenance at Sheridan Nissan, you should be able to avoid any types of leaks and prevent any other potential issues with your Nissan vehicle.

However, in the event that something is leaking, you should know what color liquid  associated with each type of leakage means.

  • Clear: It hasn’t rained recently, and yet there is a puddle of what looks like water under your car. Fear not, because it is most likely water. When it is hot and humid, the condensation from the air conditioner may leak out water. This is no cause for concern, unless it becomes constant and a large amount. 
  • Light brown or black: This is likely motor oil, and will be darker in color if it’s been awhile since your last oil change. Oil leaks sometimes smell like rotten eggs, so if you notice this unpleasant smell, this is another indication it’s an oil leak.  You should bring this type of leak to the attention of a service technician at Sheridan Nissan. If this issue keeps arising, there may be a larger issue, and you will definitely want to take care of it at Sheridan Nissan’s service department.
  • Light yellow to dark brown: This could mean brake fluid. If it feels rather slippery, this is a further indication it’s brake fluid. Bring your Nissan in for repair as soon as possible, because it could be unsafe to drive if your brakes fail. 
  • Red: A reddish colored leak will likely be a power steering fluid leak. Power steering fluid is thin, and will leak under the front of the car. 
  • Orange: If it is orange or reddish-orange, this is likely transmission fluid. 
  • Yellow, green or pink: These colors are easiest to spot and easier to diagnose. These colors might mean a coolant leak. In older cars, a few drips are not much to worry about, but are more worrisome in newer cars. In either case, it might be worth it to get it check out at Sheridan Nissan. 

Knowing the color of the leak could help the service technician diagnose any issues with your Nissan vehicle. Anytime you bring your vehicle in for maintenance at Sheridan Nissan, we will inspect it for any other issues outside of the color of any leakage. Rest assured your Nissan vehicle is in good hands at Sheridan Nissan in New Castle, DE. Go see Joe for all your service needs today.

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