What to Do Once Your Lease Ends at Sheridan Nissan

December 27th, 2018 by

As your Nissan lease comes to an end, take some time to decide whether you will return the car, keep the car or buy or lease a new Nissan model. Even if you didn’t lease the vehicle at Sheridan Nissan, you can still return your leased Nissan vehicle to us. Contact us for more information regarding returning your lease, such as your options after you return the Nissan, questions about excess wear, damage and mileage, and to make an appointment to return your lease.

Prepare the Car for Return

Make sure you have removed all personal belongings from the Nissan car. Remember to check everywhere! Make sure everything that came with the Ford is intact upon its return. This includes floor mats, keys and key fobs, the owner manual and anything else.

Repair anything that needs attention (and all receipts that show proof of repair). We recommend visiting the Sheridan Nissan service department prior to returning the vehicle for any repairs. Servicing your vehicle at a Nissan dealer ensures the use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Nissan parts.

Use this guide to make sure your vehicle is in its best shape prior to its return.

Buy the Car

Once you return the lease, you may have financial obligations left to pay. However, if you really love the car you’ve leased and would like to keep it, you have the option to buy it out right. At Sheridan Nissan, we can discuss this option with you.

Purchase or Lease Another Vehicle

If you love the car, but want to upgrade, consider purchasing or leasing the latest Nissan model of what you previously leased. Sheridan Nissan will happily help find the perfect new Nissan model to take home. Leasing it will allow you to pay less each month, but if you decide to purchase the vehicle, you can own it for many years to come and may save money over time by not always being in a lease.

If you’re coming near the end of your lease, go see Joe at Sheridan Nissan to explore your options for what to do next. We have all the latest Nissan models. Find your next Nissan vehicle at Sheridan Nissan!



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