Tesla May Soon Have A Battery With A Life Of A Million Miles

October 19th, 2019 by

In April, Elon Musk made the bold promise that Tesla models would soon be operated by batteries that will power the cars for at least one million miles (in the life of the battery). Currently, that’s more than double the mileage Tesla owners can expect out of their current batteries. 

This claim may sound unachievable, but a group of battery research from Dalhousie University published a paper describing such a lithium-ion battery. They presented their findings as a milestone other battery researchers could hit. 

“Full details of these cells including electrode compositions, electrode loadings, electrolyte compositions, additives used, etc. have been provided,” the researchers state in the paper.. “This has been done so that others can recreate these cells and use them as benchmarks for their own R+D efforts.”

What does this mean for Nissan and their only electric vehicle the Nissan LEAF? There is a larger demand for electric vehicles going forward.  We hope Nissan engineers take this information and develop more sustainable electric vehicles to better compete with Tesla.

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