Nissan Navigation

November 28th, 2018 by

Getting there is easier with Nissan Navigation, a feature through NissanConnect®. Nissan has developed a comprehensive, more accurate navigation system available among Nissan models. This means you’ll always be able to take the most direct route to your location and any stops you need or want to make along the way.

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How It Works

Nissan Navigation works with the available built in GPS system within the Nissan vehicle. It covers roughly 6 million miles of roads and 2.5 million points of interest across the globe— and is updated frequently.

You can make Google searches1 by saying or typing in terms like “burgers”, “pizza”, “movies” and so on to find destinations that fit the category requested. Choose the one you want and get directions.

Nissan Navigation can also be paired with SiriusXM® Traffic services to get real-time updates about traffic, accidents, detours and other road hazards. You can also find the closest and cheapest gas station nearby if you run low on fuel with SiriusXM® Fuel Prices.

Features of Nissan Navigation

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  1. Feature availability is dependent on vehicle model, trim level, packaging and options. Compatible connected device may be required and feature availability may be dependent on device’s capability. Refer to connected device’s owner’s manual for details. Late availability for some features.
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