Nissan Intelligent Mobility

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Nissan Intelligent Mobility™: An Overview

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ inspires greater driving confidence to Nissan owners. This feature acts like another pair of eyes and uses advanced technology to see and sense the changing road conditions and the actions of other drivers. At Sheridan Nissan, the Nissan’s on our lot are equipped with this technological safety feature1,2.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ includes the following helpful components that use various cameras and sensors placed around the vehicle:

  • Intelligent Forward Collision: Your Nissan senses what two cars ahead of you are doing and will warn you to brake if the flow of traffic starts to slow down.
  • Intelligent Blind Spot Warning: Always check your blind spot before merging, however, get additional help in the event another car enters your blind spot as you merge lanes. This feature will alert you to avoid an accident.
  • Intelligent Lane Departure Intervention (LDW) & Intelligent Lane Departure Prevention (LDP): If you drift out of your lane, LDW will alert you to move back into your lane. LDP will go a step further and guide you back if you continue to drift out of the lane.
  • Intelligent Back Up Intervention: As you reverse out of a parking spot or just need to back up, this Back Up Intervention will alert you and automatically brake if another car approaches behind you.
  • Intelligent Around View® Monitor: This gives you a 360-degree view around your Nissan, so you can always see cars, pedestrians and objects around you.
  • Intelligent Distance Control: This helps you keep a safe following distance from cars in front of you based on the flow of traffic.
  • Intelligent Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) & Intelligent AEB with Pedestrian Detection: This tracks the motion of the vehicle in front of you and gives you visible and audible alerts to brake based on the car in front of you. It will help engage the brakes, so you avoid collision. Additionally, with pedestrian detection, it will do the same to help you avoid hitting a pedestrian who may walk in front of your vehicle suddenly.
  • Intelligent Moving Object Detection: Using the Around View® Monitor, this will alert you to moving objects near you as you reverse.
  • Intelligent Rear Cross Traffic Alert: This further helps you reverse with confidence to alert you to anything that is behind you.
  • Intelligent Cruise Control3: Not only does Intelligent Cruise Control maintain a set speed, but it also maintains a safe following distance. This will also adjust your speed and following distance based on traffic.
  • ProPILOT Assist: Currently available on the Nissan Rogue and Nissan LEAF, ProPILOT Assist combines Intelligent Cruise Control and steering assist technologies. Learn more here.

Visit Sheridan Nissan to learn more about Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ and take a test drive to put this safety package to action.




1. Availability of features is dependent on vehicle model year, model, trim level, packaging and options. 2. Do not rely on these features exclusively. It is important the driver always pays attention to their surroundings. 3. Intelligent Cruise Control uses limited braking and is not a collision avoidance or warning system. Driver should monitor traffic conditions and brake as needed to prevent collisions. See Owner’s Manual for safety information.
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